The article explains the steps on how to configure NETGEAR WN3000RP router using a computer that is wireless. Supposing your extender had been previously functional but you wish to reinstall it, then do a reset on the extender and use the following steps to configure it again.

Configuring WN3000RP

Be informed that NETGEAR advises that you ensure that the NETGEAR and the wireless router are in the same room as you perform setup for the first time. Once setup is over and verified, then move extender to its preferred location.

1.Using a device that is wireless-enabled, scan for wireless network and enter NETGEAR_EXT network. You will not be required to input any password.

2.Using the same computer, open browser window. A Smart Wizard will launch, and if it does not, visit or 192.168.l.l.

3.While on 192.168.l.l, choose your preferred language and select Continue. The Smart Wizard or 192.168.l.l searches existing wireless networks and when search is complete, it lists all available networks.

4.Choose the name of the network you want to extend from the existing networks and click on Continue.

5.Enter security key and Continue.

6.Select check box if you would like to maintain same wireless settings for extender as existing network.

7.Click Continue. Smart Wizard will take about two minutes connecting to existing network.

8.Use wireless device to connect extender wireless network.

NOTE: When accessing the extender setup using 192.168.l.l you will be required to set a static IP on the wireless adapter.